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Storage and Distribuition

“We don’t only store it …”

There may be occasions where our clients do not want to take full delivery of their entire order at once. With 1,600 m² of warehousing we can offer storage solutions to suit any client. We are also able to secure additional storage space on short or long term lease if required. Our team applies a flexible and proactive approach ensuring that our clients receive the most cost effective solution possible.

  • Stock Control. We have logistics systems in place to control client stock levels. Enabling us to maintain a level of stock that reflects usage.
  • Ordering. We work closely with the client to ensure the timely delivery of any item based on their order. Timely reporting and information ensures full visibility of stock totals. Clients are advised on the situation before it becomes a problem.

We can also store a client’s equipment that is produced by other suppliers, and arrange delivery of all items together ensuring that everything is on site when it is needed. Again Display World Staff work closely with both the client and the supplier to ensure the best logistical solution.

“Not only pickers and packers …”

All equipment is picked and packed by our experienced warehouse staff. But they are not only pickers and packers. They make it their responsibility to familiarise themselves with the various components which make up each modular item and also get involved in the assembly of items.  This ensures the correct equipment arrives on site. Components can also be part assembled, where possible, prior to despatch which assists site personnel and reduces fit-out time.

We also have a purpose built shop within our warehouse which enables us to try fit equipment at the prototype stage and gives our client the facility to see it built before it goes to site

"Not just the anonymous delivery man …"

Delivery is achieved by our own in house transport. However, we also work closely with dedicated local transport companies to add to our logistics capabilities. But, they are not just the anonymous delivery man. What this means is that drivers build up a relationship with our clients based on a good service.